Meet the couple behind Toronto style blog Fieldguided

Anabela and Geoff Piersol are a constant source of inspiration. Their Toronto-based style blog, Fieldguided, is so rad we can’t even begin to explain it. Follow them on Instagram, you’ll see what we mean. Anabela won us over first with her beautiful tote bags and we teamed up with her last year for a special download for Spring. Obviously, we had to do it again.

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We caught up with the talented couple to find out how they met, what they love about Toronto and what’s on their shopping wish lists.



HOW DID YOU GUYS MEET? We actually met online! But quickly realized we had a friend in common, which made it feel a little more natural.

WHAT’S THE BEST THING ABOUT WORKING TOGETHER? Geoff is the most supportive person I know, and has always encouraged me creatively, telling me there’s nothing I can’t do if I set my mind to do it. He’s a natural teacher and taught me everything I know about photography. He’s also not afraid to tell me if something I’ve worked on isn’t quite right.

1. Allan Gardens Conservatory: I love this place because it’s open to everyone and it’s free, and it smells so good! Such a nice place to visit, especially in winter.
2. The University of Toronto campus: Many of the downtown buildings are from the nineteenth century and they’re beautifully ornate. You don’t get a lot of older buildings in Toronto so I take a lot of delight in the carved statues and stone details.
3. The Toronto Islands: Summer means hopping on the ferry and heading to the islands for a picnic.

WHAT’S ON YOUR SHOPPING LIST RIGHT NOW? I never thought I’d see THIS day, but I’ve been trying to hit the gym a lot lately so I’ve been really interested in nice workout gear! I’ve been coming across a lot of amazing local companies who make really beautiful printed leggings, such as Paprika and Fellow Citizens.

Seattle collective CMRTYZ on collage art and the bands we need to know

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Seattle-based artistic omni-media collective CMRTYZ is kind of an enigma. Founders CM Ruiz and TY Ziskis have a client list that includes clients like the New York Times, Totokaelo, Converse and Vice but their operation keeps it on the down low. We think it might be because they’re busy churning out an insane volume of original artwork and graphic design, running an independent record label, organizing press events and launch parties, developing brand strategy for clients and producing a cult t-shirt label that is stocked at MoMA. We love their offbeat analog aesthetic so we tracked them down and asked them questions. Here’s what they said.

HOW DID YOU GUYS END UP BEING PARTNERS? CM: Ty and I met at a gallery show he was running PR for that I was helping to curate. After the show ended, he broke away from the gallery and we continued working together.

YOU GUYS HAVE A CRAZY AMOUNT OF PROJECTS ON THE GO. HOW DO YOU MANAGE? CM: We have different skill sets so we spread a lot of work out. Luckily I work super fast on making art and when Ty likes it, we can agree to art application. We like staying busy and active with the art scene, music scene, and fashion scene.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR DREAM PROJECTS. CM: Cover of The New Yorker or drawing comics or designing for Marvel. TYZ: Life is but a dream.


And finally, we had to ask them to work with us. So they designed two rad wallpapers that only exist here, just for you! To download your FREE CMRTYZ X Garmentory wallpaper: Pick one (or both!) and click the appropriate link below to save the image. Then save it to your device.


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For your iPad

For your iPhone 4

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