Photographer Max Wanger on fatherhood and inspiration

In a list of things that bring us heartfelt, tear-in-your-eye joy, Max Wanger’s photography would definitely be in the top five (along with Pharrel’s hat collection). The Los Angeles-based photographer has the ability to capture the sweetest moments in life with super stylish composition. We first discovered him after stalking blogger Joanna Goddard’s engagement photos and have been part of his massive following ever since. He’s famous for his wedding photography and was using those gigantic balloons before they were a must-have for brides to be, but his lens of looove has turned to a new adorable subject lately: his one-year-old son Dash with his wife Margaux Elliott (also a photographer). With Father’s Day approaching we caught up with Max to talk fatherhood and inspiration.

YOU’VE BEEN A PHOTOGRAPHER FOR SOME TIME NOW. YOU’VE CAPTURED A LOT OF MOMENTS IN OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO DOCUMENT YOUR SON’S LIFE THROUGH YOUR OWN LENS? It’s invigorating. I have the most amazing subject in front of me every single day. And all I want to do is take pictures, capture moments, find ways to tell stories. He makes me want to be better in every way. And he’s made me much more aware than I ever have before. Just as he is seeing things for the first time, I feel like I am too – that’s pretty amazing.

HAS BECOMING A FATHER CHANGED YOUR OUTLOOK ON HOW YOU WORK? OR HAS IT INSPIRED YOU DIFFERENTLY? It hasn’t changed how I work, but it’s changed my perspective on work and what’s truly important. Becoming a father is the greatest gift and experience – it’s hard not to be more inspired in everything I do.

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH ALL OF THE PHOTOS YOU TAKE OF DASH? HE’S ONE LUCKY GUY. I don’t know! It’s already overwhelming and I wish I had come up with a better organizational system from the start. Right now I have photos saved on hard drives and in folders on my desktop and on my phone – they’re everywhere. One day, I hope to get it all sorted and then make some sort of book. We have friends who make books every year as a way to look back and remember. That might be a fun thing to do – we just need to find the time!


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