Finch’s Sophie Rees on Norwich, British style and Chloe Sevigny

Sometimes when you know, you just know. That’s how Sophie Rees, a self-professed control freak and former stylist, landed back home in Norwich with a boutique to call her own and a shop dog named Mouse. The riverside town a couple hours outside of London isn’t exactly renowned globally for its fashion scene, but with her minimalist aesthetic and love of bold moves, Sophie is just the woman to put it on the map. Here, she tells us more about the hometown that called her back, why the weather has everything to do with British style and spills on all of her favorite things.

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WHAT IS YOUR BACKGROUND IN RETAIL? Funnily enough, my retail experience is minimal! Where my experience lies though is much more in the creative side of the industry, specifically styling. I started working in fashion in London about 6 years ago, started off interning, then assisting Fashion Editors and stylists… eventually freelancing on my own projects for brands and publications. People find it funny when they learn how little experience I have working in a shop, I think it’s an interesting change. My skills lie in composing looks and an aesthetic, which you can’t teach, but should be at the core of a good store. Hopefully it sets us apart from the competition. I notice a difference in our creative output because of how OCD I am about our aesthetic and branding!

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT OWNING A BOUTIQUE? I love the freedom I have over every decision, especially as I’m such a control freak… it drives my assistant mad! Also, I love all the inspiring people I get to meet and work with through the business. The sky really is the limit and once you realize that you really start to look at every small opportunity in a completely refreshing way.

Current Inspiration: Photographic artist Dan Mounford

These Double Exposure Portraits by Dan Mounford were created “in camera”. Post production work consisted of a change in tone, the removal of odd blemishes and the addition of some vector. Dan Moundford is a 21-year-old graphic design studio living in Brighton, England.

Source: Behance