Spread The Love: Eight Inspiring Super Couples

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so today we’re celebrating real love. The world needs this powerful emotion more than ever right now so don’t be afraid to express every bit of gushy and cheesy love that’s inside you, no matter how big or small the gesture. Here, we share eight seriously cool couples that inspire us. They’re creative, smart and hilarious. They know what it means to love and support one another. So read on, get inspired, and spread the love out there, won’t you?


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Hannah and JD are the cool couple behind one of our favorite Brooklyn boutiques, Concrete + Water. Before opening the space together, Hannah worked as a stylist while JD was a veteran of the nightlife industry as a DJ. They always felt that Williamsburg retail was missing something fun and accessible so they went ahead and created it. With JD’s business-mind and Hannah’s creativity and slight perfectionist ways, they are each other’s ultimate partner in crime.

WHAT IS THE MOST ROMANTIC THING YOU’VE DONE FOR EACH OTHER? We know this sounds kind of cliche, but I think the most romantic thing we’ve ever done for each other is to write our own vows when we got married in June. We were able to reflect on our eleven years together and say things to one another that you rarely get to in a beautiful setting surrounded by all of our favorite people. Couldn’t have been any better. There wasn’t a dry eye in sight.



You might recognize Manu (right) from scrolling shopping our site, as he is one of Stand Up Comedy’s regular models. Originally from Mexico, Manu runs a cafe in downtown Portland but his real passion lies is in flower arrangements and decorations for events. Gary (left) is an artist and designer originally from New Jersey. He founded Container Corps, an arts press and publication design/build studio. These two creatives are happily married and in the words of Stand Up Comedy’s owner Diana Kim, simply put, “They are incredible people.” 

WHAT IS THE MOST ROMANTIC THING YOU’VE DONE FOR EACH OTHER? We probably aren’t the most outwardly romantic people in the world. But we think the most romantic day we’ve spent together was the day we got married. We both decided that we didn’t really wanted a big ceremony or a huge party. We didn’t even say it was a wedding.

The day of, we drove around town getting everything we needed. We stopped at Manu’s favorite florist who had made us these beautiful rose neckpieces. We stopped at Lowell to grab the rings. We grabbed a two tiered tres leches cake (special request!) from Santa Cruz in St. Johns. The ceremony was on the rooftop of Yale Union just as the sun was setting. It was just the two of us, our friend Stephen officiating, and our sister and brother-in-law as witnesses. After the ceremony we went downstairs where a group of about 30 of our closest friends and family had gathered to celebrate. There was a lot of tears and a lot of love. – Gary



Michelle and Trevor are another insanely busy couple that somehow keep it together with ease and style. Michelle owns  One Of A Few a boutique in Vancouver’s Gastown that we are diehard fans of. Trevor’s side of the fashion industry includes founding the label Lifetime Collective, then moving on to People Footwear and is now a freelance art director. Together, they are parents of two adorable kids, true pioneers in Vancouver’s growing fashion scene and seriously rad humans.

WHAT IS THE MOST ROMANTIC THING YOU’VE DONE FOR EACH OTHER? Trevor is a very romantic guy. Not the kind of romantic where he puts rose petals on my bed, but a different kind of romantic. He is very creative, definitely more than he knows. From the first day we met I would find cards that were hand sewn and made for me with the cutest little love notes or words of encouragement. One of these notes still stands out as one of the most thoughtful and romantic notes he has given me. It was the night of my bachelorette party. The whole night was a surprise and when we got to the hotel room to start the night I opened the bag Trevor had packed for me. On top of my clothes was a note. A little too personal to share, but it still brings a smile to my face now.

It truly is the little things, the handmade things and the thoughtful things, that have kept us together. Life isn’t always perfect and these notes are amazing reminders and boosts of love. – Michelle

When Michelle and I started talking about the romance in our loves we kind of laughed. Two kids, two entrepreneurs, is there romance? But there is, and the first thing that came to my mind was of a trip we took to Croatia. Michelle was six months pregnant with our daughter Rilo and our son, Hunter, was three years old. The four of us, set off in a small sail boat. The sun was shining and we spent the entire day on the boat, floating in the salty water, island hopping and truly sharing the time all together void of electronics, emails, work, Instagram and other people. It slowed us down, and gave us a time to connect. – Trevor

(Photo by Ian Lanterman)



Lauren and Mickey met when they were teenagers through mutual friends and were drawn to each other right away. Lauren has all the attributes and cred of an “It Girl”. Her style is on point and as an avid shopper of one of our favorite brands Lykke Wullf, she now models for the designer as well. Mickey plays bass in the Los Angeles-based band The Neighbourhood. As two creatives they mesh well together but Lauren admits she is “a lot more hyper and dorky than he is so we definitely balance each other out.” Sounds like the perfect combo.

WHAT IS THE MOST ROMANTIC THING YOU’VE DONE FOR EACH OTHER? Something I love about our relationship is that we do a lot of little things for each other and I find that really romantic. It’s not about the big gesture but the small ways we make each other’s lives sweeter. Like if one of us sees something while we are shopping that we love but pass it up the other will go back and get it. Mikey always does the cutest thing when I have a big day he will wake up early and make me breakfast. It’s those kinds of moments I hold on to and cherish! – Lauren



Saager and Karyna run two of Vancouver’s coolest boutiques Neighbour and Neighbour/Woman. With Saager’s focus directed on the menswear boutique and Karyna’s on the womenswear shop, they are an unstoppable force. They both have such an aesthetic point of view which comes in handy when curating their beautiful shops. Happily married, these two entrepreneurs/BFFS/romancers are a total inspiration.

WHAT IS THE MOST ROMANTIC THING YOU’VE DONE FOR EACH OTHER? We normally don’t go in for too much romance; maybe working all the time gets in the way!? But we made our own Valentine’s tradition of having a nice dinner on the 13th and spending the 14th at home together, which is always the best. However, we did indulge in some pretty epic romance at our wedding in September, which was in a grand old ballroom in Ottawa, and given an old world Indian vibe. It was pretty much like being in a fairytale! – Karyna 



Kristiina and Ally are the kind of couple that know how to make each other smile by doing the simplest things. Kristiina is a fashion and art photographer in New York and is also the Editor in Chief of You Do You, a non profit, inclusive fashion platform for people of all sizes, abilities, colors, ages and genders. Amazing, we know. Ally is a yoga loving, tattooed, meticulous sales rep in the health industry who doesn’t own any clothes that aren’t black, and she has really good hair. Together, they are one of the raddest couples we know.

WHAT IS THE MOST ROMANTIC THING YOU’VE DONE FOR EACH OTHER? Ally does lots of great stuff for me – bringing me coffee in bed every morning and modeling in my obnoxious photoshoots (like wearing my mom’s ’80s clothes or letting me put glitter on her teeth), but this Christmas she topped it all with a rose gold necklace that says DUMMY in tiny engraved letters. Because we are nice and kind people who call each other “dummy” and “stupid.” 🙂 – Kristiina

At the end of our first date we shared an extended embrace in the cold next to Thompkin’s Square Park. They were mulching Christmas trees in the park and the air smelled like pine. I mentioned that the smell of pine was one of my most favorite things. She went back to the park the next day to assemble a box of pine tree clippings to give to me. “I made you a box of tree trash!” I was done for. – Ally



Diamond + Andy run Tacoma’s rad boutique Satori. They met in Tacoma as neighbors and have been inseparable ever since (bring on the tissue box). After working many years at a 9-5 job in the aerospace industry doing clerical/buying business, Diamond began looking for a job in the fashion industry and that’s when one of Andy’s friends suggested the two open a shop together. Just a year or so after they opened up their boutique. Now, with two businesses, two dogs, one cat and two houses they are set to get married this year. A big congrats to these two!

WHAT IS THE MOST ROMANTIC THING YOU’VE DONE FOR EACH OTHER? Our romantic time is always at home when we just get to unwind and spend time with our dogs. Some of our most romantic times are when we order takeout and watch our favorite TV show! We love to spend time at home together after a long day at work. – Diamond 

We love to go to Cannon Beach and get away from the city. There’s a nice bed and breakfast by the beach that we like to stay at and we spend a lot of time walking the beach and going to little mom and pop shops. – Andy



Ivy and Josh are artists, performers, parents and dreamers. Ivy as a playwright, dancer and actress and Josh as an actor, painter and longtime member of the Blue Man Group. After spending two decades in New York city they decided to move to Nashville, settle down and open up Wilder, a stunning design shop and art space. As parents of two, a daughter Rev and a son Chance, they have their hands full but you wouldn’t know it with their perfectly curated boutique that brings beauty to light. They’re basically superheros. (P.S. how amazing if that family gif?)

WHAT IS THE MOST ROMANTIC THING YOU’VE DONE FOR EACH OTHER? Ivy was pregnant when we moved to Nashville from NYC, and one night she got the email of some test results which included the sex of the baby. Strangely, it came through at like four in the morning. She told our son Chance (who was two at the time) at the crack of dawn and he climbed into bed waking me up saying “Papa, girl… Papa, girl,” and that’s how I found out we were having a girl. – Josh

Sometimes we take hot yoga next to each other. And occasionally in savasana, I’ll feel a sweaty man hand creep over and hold mine for a few seconds while we’re staring at the ceiling. Sounds gross but it makes me super happy. – Ivy