Get To Know Six Of Seattle’s Coolest Creatives

Between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington lies a city of distinct neighborhoods and urban districts that thrive with industrial, commercial and cultural activity around the clock. This bustling city is overflowing with creatives, makers, and explorers, and we want you to get to know six of our favorite. In the simplest terms, our Seattleite squad includes a photographer, restaurant owner, designer, toy collector, hair stylist, and vintage store owner. But, of course, they are all so much more. Get ready to meet some of the coolest creatives we know, find out why they love to call Seattle home, and get the lowdown on their expert city tips.


Art director and photographer Christina Hicks lives in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood with her boyfriend Ryan — also a multi-disciplinary creative — and their two year old rescue dog, Nori (a must-follow on Instagram). Hicks creates content in the fields of design, fashion, travel and technology with work that is both commercially strategic as well as artful.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT LIVING IN SEATTLE? I love the freedom of living in a growing city with so many amenities, yet being within a short drive of so many beautiful natural environments: the Pacific ocean, the Puget Sound, two major mountain ranges, an archipelago of islands, national parks, forests, and deserts, to name a few.

WHAT’S THE CREATIVITY COMMUNITY LIKE? The creative community here is definitely close knit — I think Seattle’s geographic location up in the corner of the country contributes to a sense of pragmatism and camaraderie.

I love that there’s an undercurrent of go-getters that gravitate towards one another, encouraging and supporting each other as both friends and creative colleagues. And with the more recent tech boom, I feel as though the creative community is coming together even more strongly as a means of survival in a quickly changing city that could easily displace artists and small businesses.

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE PLACE IN SEATTLE TO PHOTOGRAPH? I love the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island- it’s an inspiring place to walk and clear your head, and the impeccably kept grounds offer an endlessly changing backdrop of colors and textures.

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Michele Tansey co-owns a vintage rug and furniture shop called Homestead Seattle as well as Plant Shop Seattle (you can imagine what they sell) with her partner Ryan. In their spare time, the couple has been renovating and restoring their 1903 house over the course of seven years. They run an Airbnb out of the home, and it is one of the most beautiful places to stay when in the city.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT LIVING IN SEATTLE? I’m from Washington state but grew up in the midwest, and I always felt like I just needed to get back to Seattle. It’s beautiful here even when it’s cold and rainy because it stays so lush and green. If the green can carry you through the sunless winter, the summer here is just perfect (and practically mosquito free). We live about a mile from downtown and can walk to a beach or forest just as easily as a museum or restaurant. But my favorite thing about living in Seattle right now is watching it grow, so much so fast. Even though some of the growth is problematic I’m still proud as hell of our city, continuing to evolve and make a bigger name for itself in the world. Like me, it seems to be right in the middle of its story and I’m interested to watch how it plays out for both of us.

WHAT’S VINTAGE/ANTIQUE SHOPPING LIKE IN SEATTLE? It’s good and bad. Compared to somewhere like Portland, we have fewer cute, small vintage furniture shops, but we have more large antique malls, especially if you’re willing to drive an hours. I’d consider Pacific Galleries to be the gold standard of antique malls in Seattle. We also have some really great collectors that you can easily find selling on Craigslist. If you’re not scared of a bit of elbow grease, our friends over at Seattle Furniture Co have a 7000+ sq ft basement filled with furniture to hunt through.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PIECE YOU’VE EVER FOUND AND DID YOU KEEP IT? Pretty much anything that’s made the cut to stay in our house at this point falls into the category “favorite.” We only have so much space, and in order for something to stay something else has to move on. If I was forced to pick one thing right now that I own I think it would be a large Persian Gabbeh carpet that I have hiding under a stack of other beautiful hoarded rugs in my basement (this stack is the one thing I allow to grow). As for furniture, in the shop right now we have a pair of lucite Pace Argenta Chairs and a set of Mario Botta Quinta Chairs. If I could, I would hoard those forever, too!! Definitely going to cry when those lucite chairs leave the shop.

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After living in New York for the past 10 years, Bobbie Yanoupeth has moved back to his hometown of Seattle. In 2015, he and his business partner Michael Sing teamed up to open BAHTOH, a bridal boutique that does everything from floral arrangements to decor to hair styling. Bobbie is a professional (and seriously amazing) hair stylist who has worked with Lady Gaga, numerous fashion houses, and whose work has been featured in Vogue, Brides, Nylon, and more.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT LIVING IN SEATTLE? Seattle has just as much to offer as any other big city. It has great food, cute little shops, dope art, so many cool neighborhoods, diversity and who doesn’t love driving along the freeway and seeing all the lush greens and Mt. Rainier in the distance!?! Even with all this growth and great culture, Seattle still has a small town feel. Since opening our shop, so many people have reached out to us and are so excited to support us. There is a sense of community here that a lot of big cities lack.

WHEN DID YOU FIRST DISCOVER YOUR LOVE FOR HAIR STYLING? I was eight and we were living in Holland, MI. My parents were refugees from Laos and could barely speak English. So my mother decided that in order for her to keep up with the hair trends, she was going to teach me. She pulled the dining chair up to the kitchen counter and taught me how to perm her hair. Which then led to French braids, French twist and other updos. I became obsessed and started playing with everyone’s hair. I would get in trouble in class cause I was braiding hair during work period.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WEDDING VENUE IN SEATTLE? I’ve really been into intimate weddings. We did a wedding at Zoe Events recently. It feels like a little secret garden in the middle of the city. I can’t wait for the day that a couple give us total freedom to do whatever in that space. I want to recreate that moment in The Great Gatsby movie when he meets up with Daisy at her cousin’s house. He had the whole place decked out with tons of flowers, sweet treats and cakes. SOOOOO DREAMY!!!

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Linda Derschang is the founder and CEO of The Derschang Group, which owns and operates six neighborhood cafes, bars, and restaurants in Seattle. With so much success, Linda has rightfully earned the title “Queen of Capitol Hill.” Her signature aesthetic –– rustic, Scandinavian-inspired, vintage–– can be found in each space, big or small.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT LIVING IN SEATTLE? I love the Seattle summers. After nine months of grey, it is such a treat to spend so much time outside and on the water.

HOW DID YOU FIRST GET INVOLVED IN THE SEATTLE FOOD SCENE? Ever since moving to Seattle I have known people who are involved in food, art, and music. After opening Linda’s Tavern in 1994, it was just a natural progression to move into food.  

TELL US WHERE YOUR IDEAL DAY OF EATING OUT WOULD BE FROM BREAKFAST TO DESSERT. My ideal eating out day would start with Vif in Fremont for breakfast. I love their smoked trout tartine. Then I would pop over to Juicebox in Capitol Hill for lunch. They have amazing juice and salads. Le Caviste is just a few blocks from my house downtown so I often head there for wine, bread, and cheese, or charcuterie in the evening. I would  finish out the day at Stateside in Capitol Hill.

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Abraham Vu and his family moved to Seattle from Edmonton in the late ‘90s. He’s spent most of his career at tech companies including Microsoft and Amazon, until he recently quit the corporate world to pursue his dream of starting a boutique toy shop, curating collectible and designer toys under the moniker Made to Scale.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT LIVING IN SEATTLE? The diverse mix of culture, food, and the great outdoors. Seattle’s culture has been flourishing with the recent come up of tech companies and startups, leading to the increase of new food spots and developments in the city. I also love that you don’t have to drive very far to be surrounded by water, mountains, or the forests of the Pacific Northwest; what’s not to love!

HOW DID YOU FIRST GET INTO COLLECTING TOYS? For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been into collecting toys at some point in my life. My passion started as a kid the day I received my very first Transformers toy from my parents as a birthday gift. Since then I’ve collected everything from He-Man and Ninja Turtles, to Marvel toys, to now the more art-centric collectibles. I’m a huge sneaker collector, too, and the designer vinyls go hand-in-hand with sneaker culture. I think what appeals to me the most about toys is seeing the progression of the hobby so deeply rooted in my childhood to now being fully engrained in my life and my appreciation for them as an art form. I have always viewed toys as the artistic process of starting from a 2D art drawing, manifesting into its 3D representation.

YOUR FAVORITE TOY RIGHT NOW AND WHY? My favorite toy right now is the 400% Jackson Pollock Be@rbrick, from the Japanese company Medicom Toy, a collaboration with the late American painter. What draws me to this piece is that it perfectly captures the essence of Jackson Pollock’s work and makes for a great display piece in any collection. Medicom Toy is definitely my favorite toy company because of their collaborations with high profile artists and brands such Andy Warhol, Kaws, Nike, A Bathing Ape, Daft Punk, just a name a few.

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Splitting his time between Seattle, California, and Japan, Nin Truong kind of does it all. He runs a small design studio and gallery called WKND with his partner Christa Thomas, which is home to serveral in-house projects: Maiden Noir, a men’s and womenswear line, Blk Pine Workshop, a lifestyle, accessories, and furniture collection, and a small neighborhood coffee shop called Café Weekend. Along with the design studio, he is the design director for Stussy and to top it off, he has recently started a new project called the Da Da Da Gallery. Located in Seattle’s little Nihonmachi/Japantown, it is a revolving creative and contemporary space for work that can transcend from multiple dimensions.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT LIVING IN SEATTLE? I really love the geography and setting in Seattle. It’s a major city but is tucked away between the water and the mountains. I’m always reminded about how much I love Seattle when I’m flying back home.

YOUR FAVORITE SEATTLE NEIGHBORHOOD AND WHY? My favorite or part of Seattle is the South End (Columbia City, Beacon Hill, and Seward Park). There’s a lot of diversity and food choices are pretty amazing. There are still little immigrant restaurants and shops sprinkled throughout. Seward Park is great for swimming and there’s a few good loops for trail running.

HOW WOULD DESCRIBE SEATTLE MEN’S STYLE? It’s a mixture between laid back outdoorsy and contemporary. There are remnants of the grunge era still around, that’s part of the laid back vibe. Filson is based out here, along with several other outdoor brands, so that has an influence. Then there’s a great design and art community in Seattle. It’s much more contemporary — almost Scandinavian or Japanese in sensibility.

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Women We Love Share Their Wedding Stories and Wisdom

We’re no experts, but we do believe this: no matter what the tradition or so-called etiquette rules, your wedding day should above all be personal and feel like an expression of you and your partner, and the life you have together. From the dress to the venue to the vows, what works for one couple doesn’t mean it works for another. Of course that doesn’t mean you won’t be scrolling through Instagram for inspiration. Which is why we went straight to four cool-girls who have recently tied the knot to find out first, what they wore, and second, what they learned along the way.



Founder of Window of Imagination, this San Francisco-based producer, creative collaborator and digital influencer recently wed her partner of seven years, Colin Trenter, at his childhood home in Kings Mountain, CA. She wore a Rita Vinieris dress to walk down the aisle (above) and the white Linden dress by Kamperett for their mini-moon in Big Sur (top).

“Colin grew up in the most picturesque mountainside home, a home that his parents lovingly shared for almost 30 years before his dad’s passing almost two years ago. We really wanted to feel like his dad was still with us, watching us get married, and we couldn’t think of any other place more fitting.

It all came together this past Memorial day weekend. On Saturday, we held a tea and civil ceremony at my parents’ house, and on Sunday we gathered 85 of our nearest & dearest and exchanged personal vows in Colin’s magical family garden. We escaped the next day and spent a few nights ‘mini-mooning’ in Big Sur.

We did most of the wedding planning ourselves, and though we were able to get everything done in two moths (thanks to Colin’s mom, our wedding coordinator, and Google Docs), we easily could have used an extra month. The planning was very stressful at times, but when the weekend finally came, I realized it was totally worth it. Just don’t be afraid to take or ask for help. One thing I’m really glad we did was we leaned on our inner circle for vendor recommendations and overall support, and we asked a number of friends to participate in our wedding (i.e. invitation design and theme, officiant, DJs, MC). Doing this made for the most personal and heartfelt experience I’ll never forget.

And, if you’re like us and plan to honeymoon at a later date, still try to take a few days off after the wedding to decompress and bask in all the love. You’re going to work really hard to put on the greatest celebration of your life, let it all sink in. You won’t regret it!”

Photo by Helena and Laurent.



Co-founder of Cold Picnic, the Brooklyn-based designer wed her partner, in life and in business, Peter Buer in May. She wore a vintage silk/linen Christian Dior skirt suit, an American Apparel bandeau bikini top, Rafa sandals purchased from Lisa Says Gah, and earrings of their own design. He wore a khaki suit by Shades of Grey and custom white Adidas sneakers with their wedding date embossed on the heel. Their dog Phillip donned a jasmine collar created by their florist, and longtime friend, Emily Thompson.

“We’d always wanted to have a backyard wedding, and originally planned to have a more classic wedding but once we started planning we realized that our house/backyard really couldn’t accommodate very many people. So we scaled down a LOT, basically uninviting anyone from out of town who wasn’t immediate family or a very best friend. We’d been so loosey-goosey about the whole event that luckily no one was angry at us!

In the end, we were married by one of our closest friends (who was ordained for the occasion) in our backyard surrounded by our parents and siblings and a tiny handful of close friends. Then we went out to dinner at a sweet little Italian trattoria nearby. After dinner we had a larger cocktail party for good friends in the area. For us it was the perfect day.

We learned a lot of lessons when planning the wedding! The first was not to plan for other people. We were worried about throwing a nice wedding to please our families, but what we realized was they just wanted us to be relaxed and happy. I think we were both lucky in that respect. We also realized that if we planned within our budget instead of really stretching, we weren’t stressed by little all last minute expenses that popped up. And finally, somehow, we found that everything always falls into place. My dream shoes arrived straight from the factory at 9:30am the day of the wedding! There was so much to do in the few days before that it was pointless worrying about anything.”



Owner of Rebecca Bree, one of our lovely boutiques, the Vancouver-based stylist wed her longtime partner Rick Leo at Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu in the fall. She wore her dream dress by legendary designer Carolina Herrera.

“The most important advice I can give, that someone gave me to me, was to make sure you take a minute during the reception to take a look around and enjoy the moment. It will go by so quickly so it’s important to take it all in!

Stay focused on the important things, like marrying the love of your life! The rest doesn’t really matter. And if something goes wrong, just laugh and move on. There’s nothing you can really do about it, so just go with it! I spilled red wine all over my dress during the reception! I just looked down and my stunning lace Carolina Herrera dress covered in wine and all I could do was laugh. It made everyone else around me feel at ease. And the party just kept on rocking!”



Garmentory’s co-founder wed her partner Ryan Savella in the fall in the Philippines at the Shangri-La Mactan Resort in Cebu. She wore a dress by Callahan, Rachel Comey heels and custom-made Lizzie Fortunato floral headband and necklace.

“I had a destination wedding. It was on a beach in Cebu. It was amazing and the best time ever. We made a whole trip out of it and all of our friends came. We started on in Japan, went to Manila then proceeded to Cebu for the wedding. By the time we got to Cebu, I was so relaxed from having so much fun. I stopped caring about the small details and just let everything go. We even forgot to go to our wedding rehearsal because we were relaxing on the beach. I don’t see how else I could have enjoyed the paradise that we were in if I hadn’t.”


Founder of knitwear line Kordal, this Brooklyn-based designer wed her partner, Alex Bayer, on January 13, 2018 in Guatemala. Over the week of their destination wedding, Mandy wore a number of beautiful pieces made by some of her favorite indie designers (and ours too!) such as Ajaie Alaie, Aurora Vestita, LOQ, Rachel Comey and Nettie Kent. On her special day she wore a beautiful dress made by her dear friend Ena Topalovic, which had a slight ‘70s vibe with an open back and flowing lace.

It was the most incredible day, filled with love, family, friends, amazing food, volcanoes, the most epic dance party, plus a late night karaoke session to end the night!

Words can’t describe the beauty of Lake Atitlan, I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect place for our ceremony. Alex’s sister Ellen was our officiant, and she did such a beautiful job. Both of our moms cleansed the garden by burning sage before the ceremony. Alex’s dad and our family friend Bruce played music while I walked down the aisle, and had everyone join in to sing “Eight Days a Week” as we walked out. We decided to write our own vows, which I highly encourage, it was truly special to read those words to one another in front of all of our loved ones.”

Getting hitched soon? Check out our Wedding Shopping Guide for a little more inspiration.

Wedding dress ideas you won’t find in a bridal magazine

There are a lot of resources out there for planning a wedding, but what if you’re a bride who is after a dress that is a little unconventional, offbeat or simply more in tune with your personal style? We got you. The perfect wedding dress doesn’t always require the word in its title. Sometimes it’s hanging in the racks of your favorite boutique, just waiting for you. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite wedding dress ideas from our boutiques and designers to help you find your wedding style.

CONSIDER THE UNKNOWN It’s no secret that we’re fans of emerging designers, so of course we’re big fans of discovering someone new when it comes to your wedding dress. Our co-founder Adele Tetangco discovered Callahan through an industry colleague (seen above). The Los Angeles-based designer had the perfect dress for her destination wedding. (Lucky for you, you can buy it below.)

GO FOR A LANGUID TANK DRESS Hackwith Design House and Shaina Mote have perfect examples of why a simple, long dress with clean lines in white can answer all of your bridal prayers.

THINK BEYOND WHITE Alternative hues is trending in the wedding world, so there’s every reason to look outside of bridal salons for your dress. MNZ and Rachel Comey have options that are totally appropriate for this, as does Kamperett out of San Francisco. A splash of color on an otherwise classic white dress can strike a happy balance.

FIND STRUCTURED LACE If you love the romantic feel of lace, but not the usual bridal silhouettes, consider a midi-length with some structure. Suzanne Rae and Rodebjer have mastered the find line of traditional romantic and fashion-forward.

JUMPSUITS ARE ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA Who says a wedding dress has to be a dress?