Meet the Men Behind Olderbrother: Bobby Bonaparte and Max Kingery

Sure, we eat a bunch of kale, exercise and guzzle water at our desks, but it’s easy to forget how our clothes have the ability to impact our health. Enter Bobby Bonaparte and Max Kingery, the designers behind eco-friendly clothing label Olderbrother. Caring for the environment and the well-being of their customers is one of the guiding factors for Bobby and Max and integral to their brand. With that in mind, they decided that Olderbrother’s garments would be manufactured ethically right in Los Angeles, using environmentally conscious, sustainable fabrics and natural dyes that are free of toxins, salts and heavy metals. Keeping things green in a competitive industry is no easy task, so we really owe Bobby and Max a solid. Their simple, pared-down designs are effortless and wearable for men and women alike and we are huge fans. We caught up with the men behind Olderbrother to get their take on the importance of natural materials and gender neutral design, plus their thoughts on the world of denim.

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