The Studio Series: Helen Levi

“There’s a real lack of workwear for women,” Helen Levi says, considering her studio uniform. “I think it’s great that Ilana [Kohn] is addressing that space! She’s super supportive of other women designers.” The photographer-turned-potter switched from film to clay in 2014 and after a chance meeting with Steven Alan at a party, found almost instant success with her eponymous line. Helen’s signature pieces include pineapple-topped mugs, paint-splattered pitchers, and dip-dyed jugs, and have been featured in Vogue, Lucky, Nylon and more. Taking inspiration from natural resources and photographer Sylvia Plachy, her approach to design is primarily focused on trusting her gut.

Here, she takes the Lola Utility Coverall for a spin and answers all of our questions.

Meet the Designer: VOZ

Based in Brooklyn and made in Chile, VOZ takes aim at changing fashion’s perspective.

The luxury artisanal ready-to-wear brand gets its life juice from the beauty of ancient cultures and ceremonial crafts. Founded by Jasmine Aarons in 2012, the brand is empowering artisans and providing them with education and sustainable, fair trade employment. Focused on day to day essentials, VOZ is way beyond basic with their signature modern and global prospective. They collaborate with artisans in communities in southern Chile and Peru to create each collection from start to finish. All of the artisans receive authorship credit and royalties for their design contributions. We love it when we can feel that good about what we wear. We caught up with Jasmine to talk about their philosophy and life in Chile.


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