Fieldguided’s Anabela Piersol On Seventies Style

The style, the makeup and all the groovy vibes — Fieldguided‘s Anabela Piersol taps into one of our favorite eras.
“Ahh, the ’70s: the flower children have gone, taking their acoustic guitars with them, and making way for Studio 54, disco, punk rock, and a whole lot of polyester. Can you imagine the way the cigarette smoke and cologne smelled embedded in those fibres? But at least everyone looked far out!”

’70s Icon We Love: Joan Didion

In 1979, Joan Didion released The White Album — a collection of her essays published in magazines such as Life, Esquire and The New York Times. In it was the prolific writer’s packing list — something that she would keep taped to her closet door for reference when she had to spontaneously leave town for an assignment. It read simply, including things like leotards and skirts (versatile pairings), a pullover and bourbon, which perfectly highlighted the understated elegance reflected in both her prose and her style.  

A one-time editor for Vogue, Joan’s eye for fashion was unforced and functional. She never intended to become the style icon she indeed became, but for the way minimal silhouettes like maxi dresses and neck scarves fell on her slight frame, it couldn’t be helped. Plus, this is a woman who used to ride around in a white Stingray — could she be any cooler?

It seems that she can, as last year saw her chosen as the face of French fashion house, Céline. As do her iconic pieces of writing, like Slouching Towards Bethlehem and Play It As It Lays, Joan’s effortless style endures and is always, always relevant.