Meet the Boutique: Victoire

Hmmm… what’s the best way to layer? We asked Katie Frappier and Regine Paquette this question. They’re the co-owners of Ottawa boutique Victoire where winters can get as cold as -39. We figured that they MUST be experts. Also, we just wanted an excuse to talk to them. These are two awesome ladies.

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Meet the Designers: Alynne Lavigne

ALYNNE LAVIGNE is a Canadian jewelry brand with a focus on both statement and versatile pieces. The current designs link medieval-era chainmaille, Art Deco, and late ’80s and early ’90s style by way of geometric shapes and exaggerated proportions.

Designers Alynne Lavigne and Eve Tobolka have been collecting vintage costume jewelry for nearly a decade, which has been a source of great inspiration. So we asked the duo to show us their mood board (above) and to tell us about their process, because they cool like dat.


Violet Boutique


We’re getting an itch for a getaway. A trip to Paris would be amaaazing. So we asked Genevieve Allen of Vancouver’s Violet Boutique what we should check out. She always knows the sweetest places to visit.

[When I want to people watch], I like going to sit at the chairs around the fountain in the garden at the Palais Royal…

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