Meet the Boutique: Umeboshi

Umeboshi has been Vancouver’s source of unique, handcrafted shoes and emerging designers from around the world for years. Stephanie Gorrell found inspiration while living in Europe and brought the old-world traditions of shopping local home by opening her own boutique in 2005. Since then Umeboshi has been known, not only, for curating a cool, well-edited collection of shoes, but for the kind of service that makes you feel like you’re shopping with friends. The footwear store also paved the way for other boutiques to join them on Main Street, which has since become one of the city’s top neighborhoods for boutiques. Here, Stephanie shares her approach to business and her favorite things.

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Meet the Boutique: Table of Contents

A visit to Portland’s Table of Contents is a lot like walking into the pages of a magazine. And not just because of the rad the prop styling.

Created by aesthetic power couple, Shu Hung and Joseph Magliaro, Table of Contents started off as a series of experiments with street vending in Berlin, selling objects from single tables around the city. Talk about next level curation. TOC officially opened its doors in Portland in 2012, fully equipped with a design studio that can basically do anything and everything: art direction, make objects and furniture, publication design, interior styling, branding, and events. Hung and Magliaro have totally reworked the basic boutique experience by approaching the curation much like a publication. We caught up with one half of the power duo to find out more about her vision for the store.

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Elizabeth Sankey of pop duo Summer Camp on stage style

Made up of husband and wife team, Jeremy Warmsley (the multi-instrumentalist) and Elizabeth Sankey (the voice), Summer Camp is the dreamiest indie pop duo from the UK. Before the two paired up, Jeremy had a rocking solo career with two critically-acclaimed albums and Elizabeth was (and continues to be) a journalist and writer. You can see her work in the likes of NME, Guardian, LOVE Magazine and VICE. It’s hard to pinpoint Summer Camp’s inspiration; their sound and aesthetic draw from an array of eras in American pop culture. But we can’t stop listening. Mega-babe Elizabeth gave us a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of the dream team as they put the finishing touches on their third album, Bad Love, out next month.

Meet the Designers: Cold Picnic

Whether it’s a wall, a wrist or an outfit, designs by Cold Picnic are always a good idea.

Cold Picnic is the wonderful outcome of experiments by partners Pheobe Sung and Peter Buer. What first started out as a fun way to unwind after work, the project quickly turned into an awesome collection of rugs, bags, jewelry, wall hangings, watches and more. Both Phoebe and Peter have foundations in fine arts and backgrounds in corporate fashion, but their own line was originally inspired by books picked up in small town library sales while road tripping/moving from Boston to New York. Fun fact: they make cakes for their dog Phillip. They’ve just joined the party here at Garmentory so we asked and they answered. Read on for all the reasons you’re going to love these two.

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Spring 2015 Preview

Saying that we love independent boutiques and designers is an understatement. We exist for these guys. So it’s with much excitement that we announce the debut of the expansion of our mission in e-commerce. On Tuesday, March 31st, there will be 3,000+ new arrivals on the site and all will be revealed. Yup, you’re gonna want to mark that in your calendars.