Photographer Donnel Garcia On His Creative Process

For Donnel Garcia, his creative outlets and process have continually evolved since childhood. From starting a blog (that’s still running) as a teenager to working on the creative teams at Street Dreams Magazine and Livestock, plus countless freelance gigs and personal work in between, Donnel has established a unique voice, style and reputation in a community that can sometimes feel saturated.

We are thrilled to release his most recent work with one of our favorite brands, Wonders. Shot in Vancouver for Spring 2017 with hip hop artist Aki No Bueno, Donnel stayed away from static poses by guiding Aki away from common blank stares or habitual faces/poses by getting him talking, or in this case rapping. Donnel avoids a heavy editing process by watching carefully and waiting for the right movement at the right time, similar to street photography. For this collaboration with Wonders, Donnel tried to keep it in relation to the their brand; considering what the garments represent and shooting in locations that complement them. Wonders’ aesthetic goal is to modernize vintage, military, workwear, and sportswear within a youthful spirit which comes through in Donnel’s representation.
Check out the shoot below and a quick Q+A with the man behind the camera.

Wonders Embroidered Shop Coat 

WHICH CAME FIRST FOR YOU, WRITING OR PHOTOGRAPHY? Writing came first. I always wanted to be a writer, I still do want to become an actual writer and have something published.


WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GET INTO IT AND WHAT LEAD YOU FROM ONE TO THE OTHER? I started a blog when I was 14 or 15 that I still carry on today. I used to find photographs on the internet that I liked and attached them to my entries. Later on when when my parents bought a digital camera for our family trips I started taking my own photographs to accompany my writing.

Wonders Reflective Graphic Tee

WHAT’S YOUR PREFERRED CITY TO WORK IN AND WHY? Vancouver. Always Vancouver. The comfortability of being at home and being able to lock in and get work done. I feel like when I’m in other cities I get way too distracted exploring or straight up sleeping from tiring myself out exploring. Although the past couple years, New York has been a second home for me and I also love working there.

Wonders Hoodie With Adjustable Sleeves

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE? HAS IS CHANGED MUCH OVER THE YEARS? I don’t think I really have a style. I like taking photographs of different things all the time and using different point of views to better communicate the image. There’s so many ways to take photographs and so many things that make up photography/being a photographer I couldn’t box myself in to be one particular style. My photographs have changed after learning more about photography, technically and creatively. Always experimenting with different ways to communicate my images like the collage style I used on my featured photographs.

Wonders Reflective Wave Grid Nylon Pullover 


Canon Rebel t5i, 35mm 1.2 Lens

Fujifilm x10

Canon EOS 500, 50mm 1.8 lens
I always switch between Canon Rebel and Fujifilm because the in-camera filters on my Fuji give me the same results as using Fuji film. I mainly use the Black and White filters. Depending on the photo and the setting I’ll use my film camera to give me a more natural grain and blur that I really love.
Makes it feel more nostalgic for me.
All Photography: Donnel Garcia @donnelgarcia
All Clothing: Wonders @amongwonders

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