Chasing The Morning Light With Kaleidos

It is often said that a picture can say a thousand words. And while it’s certainly a cliché, it’s also completely true. Suffice it to say, we felt pretty strongly when we first laid on our eyes on this gorgeous series. Styled by Amanda Vega, the founder of Virginia-based online shop and vintage purveyors Kaleidos, and shot on a special camera by her friend, Sallie Keena, the photographs spark something both familiar and new, highlighted by beautiful streams of daylight.

Shopping vintage is similar — there’s a narrative in each piece of clothing or shoe, discovered by looking a little closer.

Let Amanda take you through these.


“There is something so beautiful about the morning light – the light that comes from a 4.5 billion year old sun.”



“It revisits us every day and when it shines its light on us each morning, it feels anew.”



“Vintage is special for me in a very similar way — it’s revisiting something that is old and finding new life in it.”  

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