What To Pack: Road Trip

Packing for a road trip is so hard. You can’t really stuff your suitcase with too much (moving car means limited wardrobe space) and personal hygiene gets tossed in the backseat (unless you count splashing yourself with water in the bathroom of a roadside diner), but you still want to look like your stylish self on a really good day. Gotta get those Thelma and Louise-inspired photos, you know? We totally get it and that’s why we’ve done all the work for you. We’ve scoured our shelves and compiled some of our easiest to wear items and accessories in a neutral, mix-and-match palette naturally, along with a couple essentials that you won’t be able to hit the road without. Whatever type of trip you decide to hit the pavement for, a low key cruise or a heart-pounding race down the highway, you’ll be ready. Plus, you’ll look like the best-dressed traveler there is, without having to have put in any of the effort. You’re welcome. 

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