Our favorite traveling Instagrammers share style tips and hidden gems

You know that saying, “Seize the day”? Sure, it’s a cliché, but it’s also something that can seem less and less possible in adult life with jobs and mortgages and responsibilities. Luckily we get to live vicariously (and get inspired) by these women who are doing just that — living their lives out to the very fullest as they step out of their comfort zones, travel the world and share their inspired adventures with us all through Instagram. We caught up with our favorite traveling Instagrammers to quiz them on hidden gems, travel essentials and what to wear on the road.



In 2013, Kyle and Jill sold everything they owned and decided to live their lives on the road. Originally from Vancouver, the two friends now call their fixed up trailer (affectionately named Billy the Kit), and wherever the wind blows them that day, home. Their Instagram feed is like a travel diary, documenting their experiences through dreamy shots of landscape and sky.


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GO-TO ADVENTURING OUTFIT: (General) We live in vintage sundresses and a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt. (Specific) Richer Poorer just made the perfect girls shirt and it’s all we’ve been living in. Most of our denim, and Jill’s favorite overalls, are Madewell. For accessories we keep it simple, we love Wasted Effort‘s geometric necklaces (our friend from Vancouver’s line). For shoes, we love our Nisolos, they’re beautiful but super comfortable which is key since we are always on the move.

5 ESSENTIALS TO BRING ON ANY TRIP: Camera, road atlas, iPod, BB gun and dry shampoo.

FAVORITE HIDDEN GEM YOU’VE DISCOVERED: The Alvord Desert in Oregon. You can barely find this place on a map but we heard about it through friends of friends and made our way there for the last full moon. It’s stunning and vast and there are hot springs right beside it! (And you can camp for free.)


KARISSA HOCHBERG of @pacificgypsy


Karissa is one half of the brains behind Pacifique Swim, a luxury swimwear line she created with her childhood best friend. She’s also quite the adventurer, as her Instagram can attest — filled with gorgeous snaps of lush green trails, snowcapped mountains and sandy stretches of beach, the feed shows this beauty literally living the free-spirited philosophy of her designs.


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GO-TO ADVENTURING OUTFIT: Depends on the environment. If I’m somewhere hot and humid, like Central America or Southeast Asia, you’ll usually find me in this pair of faded black harem pants I bought in Thailand when I was living there, paired with a cropped tank or Pacifique bikini top and sandals. If I’m somewhere more mountainous or woodsy, I’ll be in an old pair of Levis and a vintage t-shirt. That’s kind of my daily uniform too. I never go anywhere without either my trusty leather backpack I scored at a market in Italy (which has a massive oil stain on it from me carrying leftover macaroni and cheese around inside of it… oops), or this basket purse I picked up recently on a work trip to Bali. I’m really into baskets-as-purses right now. I also usually have a pretty vintage slip that I can wear as a dress for dinner or a night out if that presents itself along the way.


  1. 35mm camera… even if it’s disposable from a drugstore! There is something really special about film photos that just can’t be replicated.
  2. A good book. I love Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, or anything by Kerouac or Paul Theroux.
  3. A hat, either straw or baseball.
  4. A Pacifique bikini!
  5. An open mind… be ready to seize adventures and opportunities as they present themselves!

FAVORITE HIDDEN GEM YOU’VE DISCOVERED: If I told you I’d have to kill you! Jk 🙂 Most recently I would have to say this little village outside of Ubud, Bali. There is this home that my fiancé and I rented there that is totally open air with the most beautiful, minimalistic design aesthetic and hammocks everywhere on the edge of this massive cliff into a river gorge. To top it all off, there is this unbelievable swing attached to two palm trees that swings out over the cliff… the whole experience was pure bliss, and I’m totally plotting to go back!


NURIA VAL of @frecklesnur

Travel Instagrammers

A “restless globetrotter,” Nuria’s free-spirited approach to life has caught the attention of brands like Stussy, Volcom and Komono, for which she’s lent her inspired vision as a creative director, photographer and model. It’s not surprising, because we’re totally obsessed with her too — her Instagram feed shows her diving into gorgeous watering holes, leaving footprints in sand dunes, and eating copious amounts of watermelon, all while staying as stylish as ever and looking like the girl of our dreams.

Travel Instagrammes

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GO-TO ADVENTURING OUTFIT: Denim overalls, sneakers and some hat!

5 ESSENTIALS TO BRING ON ANY TRIP: Music, cameras, map, sunglasses and some watermelon.

FAVORITE HIDDEN GEM YOU’VE DISCOVERED: A wonderful cenote in Mexico where we swam alone and naked, the nicest place and moment in my life.


MANON MEYERING HANSSEN of @thelifetraveller


In 2014, Manon’s life completely changed — she left behind a career at a magazine and moved to Kenya with her husband for the adoption of their son. Inspired by the warmth of the Kenyan people and their talents, she created a co-op that sells handicrafts and supports her new friends. The collection, called Naramatisho (meaning ‘the one who cares,’ a name given to Manon from her Masai sisters), includes beadwork, sculpture and scarves, and each piece is as unique as it is beautiful. Take one look at Manon’s Instagram and you can feel the love radiating from the screen.

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GO-TO ADVENTURING OUTFIT: I love wearing simple but elegant jumpsuits/playsuits in a safari color/print or wide African dresses combined with a sporty sandal, although I mostly walk barefoot.

5 ESSENTIALS TO BRING ON ANY TRIP: I like the idea of not ‘needing’ much when going on a trip and often remove things from my luggage before leaving. Also because I love bringing cultural souvenirs with me back home to support the local community and to fill my home with stories. Always with me on a trip: an open mind, a passport, a camera plus a khanga, an African garment that can be worn as a wrap skirt, dress, (head) scarf or you can use it as a beach towel.  Nice to take with me up in the air: Alaska Essentials Travel Ease Journey Spray and a tiny rose quartz stone for good vibrations.

FAVORITE HIDDEN GEM YOU’VE DISCOVERED: The hidden village of my Masai friends in Kenya situated near Mount Kilimanjaro. In this area I feel closest to nature. I learned a lot about their lives while spending time with them and have a deep respect for the way they live. Especially the women, who make jewellery for my fair label, Naramatisho by The Life Traveller. Naramatisho means ‘the one who cares’ in Masai language and was given to me by the Masai community.

Another favorite hidden gem is a ‘sacred’ place in the south of Bali where my husband and I got married.


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