9 multitasking shoes for the fashion-forward bride


Whenever you place the word “wedding” ahead of any regular, everyday word, things get weird. Cake is delicious and generally increases your serotonin levels, if also your blood sugar. Wedding cake, by contrast, often means overpowering levels of fondant and cortisol (that stress response thing that happens in your body when you can’t agree on something with your in-laws). Flowers grow in gardens and are a nice thing to buy your aunt when you’re going to her house for dinner. Wedding flowers require floor plans, measurements, color mood boarding and arrangements. Let’s save shoes from the same fate. Wedding shoes should be all about your personal style, the label you dream about, and they must be versatile enough to be worn again (for the OOTD potential alone). So here they are, brides-to-be, shoes that will keep you fashion-forward on your wedding day and bring you joy for years to come.

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