The new denim rules with Sissy Sainte-Marie


You know how we love our denim here at Garmentory, so we teamed up with Los Angeles-based stylist Sissy Sainte-Marie to dive right into the blue. We’ve long believed in the power of a pair of jeans (or, you know, 10), but with key updates to fits and silhouettes and fashion’s latest love affair with head to toe denim, it’s a whole new world of indigo. We’ve finally embraced the Canadian tuxedo in a real way, and mom jeans, cropped flares and wide leg silhouettes have eclipsed our desire for skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans. Here, Sissy shows us how the new rules are done right now.


Above: Terrible Records t-shirt; 69 jeans from Assembly Los Angeles. Earrings are Sissy’s own from Faris. Shoes throughout by The Palatines, a sneak peek at our exclusive collaboration available May 5th.



Creatures of Comfort quilted jacket (similar here) and pants (similar here).

HOW CAN WE APPROACH CLASSIC BLUE DENIM IN A FRESH, MODERN WAY? I’m no authority, but what I’m drawn to in my personal style is matching sets, Canadian tuxedos, dark denim with white stitching, and although the idea of “dressed up denim” is nothing new, I am loving well-worn denim with fancy blouses, statement shoes, and bold accessories. I dislike the concept of “saving things” for good or for special occasions. Let those fancies come out in the sunshine! Pairing with lived-in denim is a great way to make maximal, overstated pieces accessible in the daytime.


Silk Denim jumpsuit (similar here) from Otherwild Los Angeles.

WHAT ARE THE KEY SILHOUETTES TO LOOK FOR? Sailor pants, dorkified fit (flooded, flared, and FUPA), mom jeans, dad jeans, moppa jeans. Let your skinny jeans go, unless you’re one of the few people they flatter.

WE LOVE ALL THE DECONSTRUCTED DENIM WE’RE SEEING. ARE THERE ANY TIMES A FRAYED EDGE ISN’T APPROPRIATE? Other than to a wedding, court, or maybe a country club, a frayed edge can go anywhere.


Objects Without Meaning jacket (similar here) and jeans (similar here); Nancy Stella Soto top (similar here).

HOW SHOULD WE BE INVESTING IN DENIM? If your jeans cost twice your rent or mortgage but you wear them hundreds of times, it’s a good investment. Also, well-curated vintage denim taken to your tailor for fine tuning is a good investment.


TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE PIECES FROM THE SHOOT. I like to wear things that feel good against my skin and the Creatures of Comfort quilted sailor pants and light jacket are the softest cotton. And the pants have such a flattering fit. And Shaina Mote’s dark denim swing trench coat with white stitching is perfection.

Shaina Mote trench and pants (similar here).

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