Meet the Designer: Sarah Choi of RHOI

You know that feeling when you discover something that fills a void in your life that you never knew you had? That’s how we felt when we found¬†RHOI. The unstructured ease and standout silhouettes of their comfy yet luxe women’s wear line is already making waves with just three¬†seasons under their belts. Designers, and Calvin Klein alums, Sarah Choi and Douglas Reker founded RHOI together (it’s a combo of their last names) with the idea of creating a versatile line that’s bold and beautiful, but free of clutter and excess. It’s an aesthetic honed in the ’90s CK heyday and one that seriously resonates with our lives today. We caught up with one half of the dynamic duo to get the inside scoop on this label on the rise.

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HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE RHOI WOMAN? We think she lives by a less is more sentiment, someone who is not going to let her clothes get in the way of her life. A woman who understands that being at ease and comfortable, understated and elusive, can be just as glamorous and powerful as throwing on sky-high heels and a red lip. She’s looking to build a timeless wardrobe with pieces that are as versatile as she is.

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