Buyers’ Guide to Spring: Jewelry Trends


Whether you’re into just a glint of something on your wrist or a full stack, we’ve all been attending the arm party for quite some time. This spring, we’re up for something a little different. So we asked the experts: what jewelry trends are you most excited about this season? They came up with four fresh ways to approach your jewelry game for spring.


“Simple, minimalist design is our favorite type of jewelry at Finch. We currently stock the brand Still With You from Copenhagen and we absolutely love their stackable textured rings, simple chains and dainty pendants.” – Sophie Rees and Lucie Towndrow, Finch

“Hoops, simple, clean, everyday… but noticeable.” – Michelle Rizzardo, One of a Few

“This season’s jewelry is simple, timeless and perfectly unique…. Simple, organic shapes make perfect subtle adornments that you can wear everyday.” – Stephanie Gorrell, Umeboshi


“Earrings have been building in momentum for the past couple years but this spring they’re really having their moment. We’re looking forward to new pieces from WWake, Winden, Faris, Fay Andrada and Catbird.” – Hannah Factor and Zai Rajkotwala, Easy Tiger


“This spring I’m most excited for white jewelry.” – Lina Rinnell, Beklina


“Like a true 90’s child, I am thrilled that chokers have made a comeback, but in a more elegant way then what I remember wearing as a teen. I had forgotten how versatile they are!” – Cecilia Marquez, Saint Cloud

“For jewelry we’re very excited about the new ARC collection from Tara 4779. The designer’s line is really minimal and concept based, but the way that she created her newest collection is very special. We especially love the choker in silver with a 5pt diamond.” – Tanya Sheikh and Ivan Gilkes, In Support Of


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