Meet the Boutique: Neighbour/Woman


“Precision of geometry” and “elegance of nature” are two phrases used by the up and coming, and much applauded, London-based fashion label 1205. It’s pretty fitting that Saager Dilawri would name the line’s designer Paula Gerbase as his favorite designer as they would be equally great ways to describe his two boutiques in Vancouver — Neighbour and Neighbour/Woman — not to mention his aesthetic point of view. The balance of easy and exact is even something he embodies himself and we love him for it. We sat down with Saager to find out more about his concise approach, his favorite neighbors and all the cool things he loves.

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WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT OWNING BOUTIQUES? I think the most intriguing thing about running a multi-brand store is bringing everything together. There are so many great designers out there and of all of them we have are narrowed down in selection to several, and then you need to narrow down your selection from each collection. It is interesting to play with this and become concise, while making everything work together.

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