Sale picks to channel the best trends of Spring 2016 now
Sale picks to channel the best trends of Spring 2016 now

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Meet the Designer: Kelsy Parkhouse of Carleen
Meet the Designer: Kelsy Parkhouse of Carleen

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Meet the Designers: Keren Longkumer and Valerie Quant of LOQ

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Sole mates and BFFs, Keren Longkumer and Valerie Quant approach shoe design with a new, modern perspective on the classics. A boot, a mule or a loafer feel totally fresh in their hands. Hailing from Nagaland and Los Angeles respectively, the duo combines influences from every aspect of their life and always land in minimalism. And we love them for it. Obviously we had to find out more, so we asked and they answered.

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HOW DID YOU GUYS MEET? We met at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles during the Footwear Design Program in 2011. We collaborated on a few projects and realized that we had a similar eye for design and the rest is history.

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Co-founder and designer, Keren Longkumer.

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Co-founder and designer, Valerie Quant.

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"Our intention is to redefine classics."

WHEN DID YOU DISCOVER YOUR PASSION FOR FOOTWEAR?  Keren: I fell into loving footwear by mistake. During my last quarter, I was in a class called Class and Line Development. We were asked to work together like a design team, so I chose footwear (I was tired of doing technical flat sketches for apparel and wanted something new to work on). I had so much fun researching and drawing shoes that I would spend the entire day just sitting on my desk, sketching. It was then I realized that I could do this for life.

Valerie: After working in the apparel world, I was tired of designing clothing and was more excited by the key accessories that make an outfit personal – shoes and bags. I was drawn to the process of footwear design, drawing architectural shapes and playing with leathers. Funny fact is that my great grandfather owned a shoe factory in Chinatown in San Francisco back in the mid 1800s. I guess it runs in the family. 

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL STYLES AND HOW THEY COME TOGETHER IN YOUR DESIGNS. Keren: I like being low-key, so my personal style is understated basics. I wear a lot of oversized tees and shirts with black denim/culottes and our Coruna’s.

Valerie: Usually wearing denim and a crispy white button down, paired with our Coruna slides or my new favorite Jesse Kamm sailor pants with a tucked in tank or a nubbly sweater.

Although we come from diverse backgrounds – Valerie from Los Angeles and Keren from Nagaland – our love for minimalism is what we share. It is what we fuse together and try to depict in our designs because our intention is to redefine classics.

WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU ON YOUR DAYS OFF? Keren: When I’m in Los Angeles, I’m usually catching up with friends trying out a new restaurant. When I’m back home in Nagaland, I’m normally with my mum at a local bazaar.

Valerie: Riding my bike through Venice, having wine with friends or just having down time at home.


  1. Top 3 selling styles: Coruna, Andorra, Toro.
  2. Something your brand is known for: Redefining classics for the modern day woman.
  3. What’s playing on the speakers in your studio: Kehlani, Drake, Mac Demarco, King Krule, Blood Orange.
  4. Something you’re constantly re-stocking: Coruna.
  5. Your brand in 3 words: Redefining the classics.


  1. Your go-to outfit: Keren: Black culottes, black t-shirt and white Coruna. | Valerie: White button down, jeans and grey Coruna.
  2. One thing you can’t live without: Keren: Chapstick. | Valerie: Pop-color lipstick.
  3. Favorite designer: Keren: The Row. | Valerie: Céline.
  4. Something you always carry with you: Keren: Money. | Valerie: My phone.
  5. Style icon: Keren: Kym Ellery. | Valerie: Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

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