Fashion Photographer BriAnne Wills on inspiration and cats

When you have a background in journalism, telling a story becomes second nature. While attending journalism school at the University of Oregon, BriAnne Wills discovered the intimate portraits she could use for storytelling through photography, dropped her pen for a camera and never looked back. Now based in Brooklyn, she’s behind the wildly successful blog Girls and Their Cats (now an addictive Instagram feed) and works on fashion shoots for clients such as Teen Vogue, WonderlandNylon, and even our pals at Gamma Folk. We caught up with her to get a look behind the scenes.

HOW DID YOU FIRST FALL IN LOVE WITH PHOTOGRAPHY? When I got my first polaroid camera in grade school. I loved forcing my friends and family to dress up and pose for me.

HOW DO YOU GO ABOUT FINDING INSPIRATION? I’m obsessed with creating mood boards. I love finding old photos from various decades and compiling them into a storyline. I could honestly trawl the internet for hours looking at beautiful imagery.

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