Couple Crush: Thunderwing Studio

When Garance Doré taps you to create her own personal stationary suite, it’s tantamount to winning a badge of honor from the fashion industry. Based in upstate New York, Thunderwing Studio is run by creative duo Nic Taylor and Jennifer Brandt-Taylor. The couple’s multi-disciplinary design studio teams up with clients in the fashion (boutique superstar TENOVERSIX is another client), lifestyle, publishing and hospitality industries. Plus, they’ve started their own collection of prints that sell in boutiques all over North America like Charlie & Lee. Nic is an award-winning designer and tenured professor at the School of Visual Arts. Jennifer is an author, a previous Waner Bros. consultant and runs a website dedicated to celebrating the printed word. Here they share the behind the scenes scoop, design tips and their secret to running a business side by side.

YOU HAVE WORKED WITH SOME AMAZING CLIENTS. HOW DO YOU APPROACH A PROJECT? N: Every project is different — with different clients, different audiences, different objectives — and we welcome that. Variety and appreciation of flux is what inspires us. We work with equal parts process and intuition. Jennifer likes to say that we are design psychics. I have a more strategic approach, and somehow, that synthesis makes the work incredibly gratifying.

WHERE DO YOU SEEK INSPIRATION? N: Traveling. Music. The unbroken braid of human creativity.


N: Always partners / collaborators with true vision and honesty. As for format: Hotels. Restaurants. Album design. Sacred spaces.

J: Movie titles. Interiors.

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