Seasick Mama on indie pop, stage style and disco

Seasick Mama indie pop star

Marial Maher, better known as Seasick Mama, is a woman of many talents: singer, songwriter, performer and model, to name a few. The Brooklyn-based indie pop singer’s voice is as sweet as a summer’s day laced with serious undertones of badass. Her musical abilities shatter the notion of what it means to be a pop artist. Her first EP, Dead Like Money, is an awesomely playful experience where every track has its own story and genre. It’s hard not be intrigued by the siren. Her persona riddled with complexities lures you in: a self-proclaimed exhibitionist with a dash of the reserved. We chatted with Marial about how she got her start in music, her style and some personal stuff too.

HOW AND WHEN DID YOU START PLAYING MUSIC? When I was really young, my dad used to get me to stop crying by playing the blues on his guitar, throwing in poop jokes and not being very serious. So I think naturally, I have always taken a relaxed approach to music. I started to sing with him at local bars to build confidence. Then when I moved to NYC. I got a job at Sticky Audio Labs and I started writing songs.

ON YOUR LAST EP, ‘TIP TOP SHAPE’, YOU WORKED WITH SOME REALLY AWESOME PEOPLE: DAVID SITEK (TV ON THE RADIO), SAM FARRAR (PHANTOM PLANET), PETER WADE (MNDR), LESTER MENDEZ, AND JOEL SHEARER. HOW WAS THAT EXPERIENCE? It was a little stressful at first because they were strangers when I walked through the door. But at the end of the writing sessions I made some really cool friends – and really amazing songs! They all had their personal impacts on my life, especially Peter Wade. He is a great songwriter (we wrote “Man Overboard” together.) He definitely made lightbulbs pop off in my head.

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