Montreal designer Brit Wacher blends fashion with science

Brittany Wacher is one to watch in Canada’s evolving fashion landscape with her out of this world designs. Based in Montreal, Brit’s garments are influenced by the globe-trotting first few years of her career. After she graduated from university in Vancouver, she spent some time in Asia working as a stylist for various magazines. Later in Arnhem, working under Dutch designer, Pauline Van Dongen, Brit learned to refine her approach to making clothes by merging with ideas of science. The designs from her eponymous collection are a careful consideration of life’s dualities and bringing the notion of science into art. We had to find out more.

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WHY WAS IT IMPORTANT TO YOU TO START YOUR OWN LABEL AS A DESIGNER? It just happened that way. I enjoy staying in and creating day after day and soon there was enough volume for collections each season. I really love what I do.

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