Winning the red carpet with Jessi Cruickshank

The list of reasons why we love Jessi Cruickshank is really, really long. We could start with all the things we have loved on her resume, which includes starting her career in comedy in Vancouver alongside Seth Rogan; hosting The Hills After Show on MTV (syndicated in 10 countries, nominated for 3 Gemini Awards); writing the CW hit comedy series Oh Sit! with Jamie Kennedy; interviewing celebrities for MTV, E!, The Style Network and eTalk; and being an ambassador for Free the Children. We could also talk about how cool and down to earth she is, or the fact that she holds the title of “Best Dressed Host” from TV Guide and is constantly featured for her fashion forward style. But what we love most is how she always makes us laugh. Hard.

We caught up with the Canadian star to talk marriage, red carpet interviews and her fearless approach to comedy.

YOU’VE INTERVIEWED SO MANY STARS. WHAT ARE YOUR MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS? My goal is always to make every interview, no matter who it’s with, unique and memorable. That’s why I always try to take a fun, fearless and above all different approach with celebrities. Last month alone, I had John Travolta paint a portrait of me, I fed Josh Hutcherson Timbits, I kissed Jonathan Bennett… Over the years I’ve had some pretty hilarious interviews with the cast of The Hills, Twilight, Tom Cruise but most recently I did shots of vodka with Emma Thompson live on a Toronto Film Festival Gala Red Carpet. That was memorable/classy.

WHAT IS THE MOST CHALLENGING PART OF DOING LIVE INTERVIEWS ON TV? For me, the most challenging thing about a live interview is keeping it interesting for the viewer. On live TV, you cant just cut out the boring parts. Plus, the celebrity is usually doing the interview to promote a movie or a TV show and of course I am supposed to ask them about whatever it is they are promoting – but I don’t think its interesting to hear an actor talk about their movie over and over again on every outlet. I’d much rather ask questions that will reveal something new, or funny or even make things awkward or uncomfortable…. That’s going to show the viewer much more about the star than asking the same old boring questions about a movie. Plus, it has never been my goal to be ‘cool’ on TV or to be ‘friends’ with the celebrity I am interviewing… that doesn’t serve the audience. I have never been afraid to humiliate myself on television if it makes for a hilarious on-air moment… that’s my little secret!

YOU JUST GOT MARRIED – CONGRATULATIONS! NOW TELL US ABOUT THAT DRESS. Thank YOU! I still feel like I snuck into a club underage and the marriage bouncer is going to kick me out at any moment. I am way to immature to be anyone’s wife… I can’t even say the word ‘husband’ without laughing. The dress was a custom Mark Zunino Couture gown. I didn’t want to wear something that anyone else had on my wedding day so I designed every inch of it with him. The dress was entirely backless and the shoulders were made with gold metal paillettes, very military inspired. The best part was that we designed two bottoms so I swapped the heavy dramatic skirt out for a short, fun skirt during the reception!

WHAT’S THE BEST PART ABOUT BEING MARRIED SO FAR? Technically being ‘married’ means you join all your assets… which to me, means I can steal his clothes. I have no plans to ever give back his vintage Metallica t-shirt or his buffalo plaid Pendleton bag.

WHERE CAN WE SEE YOU RIGHT NOW? I am on Canada’s #1 Entertainment show eTalk every weeknight and I host Canada’s Smartest Person on CBC every Sunday night at 8pm. Plus, I just launched my own website so you seriously can’t escape my ginger face. And for that, I apologize.

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