Wedding photographer Shannen Norman on capturing romance

Who better to interview this week than someone who captures love and eternalizes it in a photo? We know, we know. What we just wrote sounds super cheesy. But just take a look at Brooklyn-based photographer Shannen Norman’s portfolio. She shoots proposals, engagements, and weddings. If you’re single, she’ll make you want to get hitched. If you’re married, she’ll make you want to get re-married. She can’t help it. She’s THAT good.


I think the most romantic thing I find in shooting is being able to observe and attempt to capture the connection between two individuals. I know that’s a really elusive thing to try and describe. When I spend time shooting with a couple, after a while we get to a level where they’re just comfortable. They become at ease with just being them. You get to see the little nuances of how they care for each other, make each other comfortable when nervous, and relate to one another in a way that is always incredibly unique to each couple. I think that connection and love that comes out is what makes a gorgeous environment. It turns into a magical setting that speaks of romance and not just a beautiful scene. It’s one of my favorite things. Of course a sunrise or sunset never hurts to add to all that either.


My favorite shoot was probably an engagement session I did with a couple friends of mine, Jenny and Chad. We did a short road trip together shooting along the way to a lake in Chad’s 4Runner with the roof off, wind in our hair, taking random stops at creeks and in little towns along the way. We kept running into picture perfect settings everywhere we went and Jenny and Chad are such fun friends. It was like we were doing a travel lifestyle story. Road trips are some of my favorite things in life so combining that with a shoot was just the best. (See the shoot here)

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